Sara Baras. All her voices

This is the story of an exceptional artist who puts before us a vital dilemma: There are voices that pull the world forward, others stifle it and prevent the world from changing. We have to decide every day what voices we hear. Sara Baras, one of the best dancers and creators of Flamenco in History, exemplifies throughout her life and work this universal dilemma and gives us an answer.

A transgressive artist, free, adored and questioned within a world as traditional as Flamenco, she faces in her maturity to the creation of a show that is about this debate: To risk or to fold to a gray world. In three weeks ‘Voices’ will create a flamenco show dedicated to those artists who were revolutionaries and criticized at the time, and still high today. All with a universal value (work, freedom, joy, nonconformity…) applicable to the life of any person.

During the world tour of this show by France, Mexico, Japan or the United States, we know Sara Baras, her art and her personality, her values, in contrast to these diverse societies. She is a reference today. We will discover at last, far beyond flamenco, that each of us must elute in his day to day what voices he listens to and what not, if we succumb to the established world or decide to change it.


Miradas Award DocsValència International Documentary Film Festival 2017
Festival de Málaga 2017 – Premiere
Spanish Film Festival Australia 2017
Nominated Forqué Awards 2018 – Best documentary film
Festival Internacional de Cine de Gáldar 2018




90 min.


Rafa Molés, Pepe Andreu

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