Pecking at the window

We are wasting many generations of people. We cannot change the world if we teach children the same way we were. Let’s do the revolution at school! But how?

A group of teachers decided to take on the challenge but they have to make front to fears and rejection among parents, students and part of the professorate. For a whole year this school is facing a global transformation. From now on, the most important will be the development of the students: To train people, not only workers. They have to convince everyone, inside and outside the school walls. The confrontations are bitter and harsh. The structure of our world is being disrupted.

But during the process they discover something: the revolution has already begun. Silently, slowly, some schools have initiated their own change. In them the new school will find answers to its own doubts. But revolution doesn’t depend on anyone else but in ourselves, it’s on our hands and anyone can join it.




75 min.


Rafa Molés, Pepe Andreu

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