[m]otherhood will make us stop asking women without children why they don’t want to be mothers, because it gives us all the answers. These types of inquiries can become very annoying after a while; at times, the only way to get out gracefully is by smiling and not saying a word. This documentary brings together several women who’ve decided to sound off on the subject, and whose reasons –hard-hitting and solid– knock the concept of contemporary motherhood as an “ideal” off its pedestal.

Having the physical conditions to do so doesn’t always make someone want to be an olympic athlete, so why should the ability to procreate necessarily compel a woman to become a mother? [m]otherhood questions the existence of the widely-accepted “maternal instinct”, addresses the pertinent demographical aspects and problems and explains why motherhood isn’t necessarily an experience that women must have if they want to be truly happy.




55 min.


Laura García Andreu, Inés Peris Mestre

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