Five days to dance

A couple of dancers appear one morning in a secondary school classroom. It’s Monday and they announce to a group of students they have five days to go on stage and dance.

A week for change. Little time, but a huge challenge: to move people when the world paralyses us.

Dance forces the teenagers to break their social roles right on the moment of their lives when they are being strengthened. The cute guy is no longer the most admired, the shy one steps forward… Dance forces them to touch each other. They communicate, they become equal. Some will not break free until the last moment.

Wilfried Van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt are the choreographers. He’s Dutch, she’s Spanish. They arrive from Bremen. Two dancers who have worked with choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke or Urs Dietrich and have now decided to work with people who have never danced before. They do it every week in Germany as well as in many cities around Europe. This time they will do it in San Sebastián.

Dance is the common la a nguage. The place doesn’t matter. This is their challenge: five days, a classroom full of teenagers, a microcosm where a little big-bang takes place.

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Alba Camañas

Cederic Personeni

Elisa Molés

Manuel Ros


Adam Brenes


Alejandra Martínez

Amador Iranzo

Amaya Lubeigt

Amaya Orbegozo

Amparo Luna

Ana Casado

Ángel Ardanaz

Ángel Garretas

‘Aquí Se Danza’

Artús Porta

Arturo Peña

Asun Prada

Berit Krumbein

‘Bilbao Flamenco’

Carlos Blum

Carlos Fanjul

Carolina Sellés

Chelo Álvarez

Christian Doose Peters

Christiane Mumperow

Claudia Domingo

Cristina Barbero

Dana Ginevro

Diego Abaitua

Dominique Guilabert

Eduardo Benetó

Enric Granell

Enrique Sánchez

Ester Ayerdi

Eva Lubeigt

Felipe Ruíz

Fernando Cueva

Fernando Olivares

Francis Chicote

Francisco Mas

Gema Muñiz

Gloria Luján

Gloria Martínez

Gregorio Molés

Guadalupe Vegas

Guadalupe Vilar

Guerrero Odriozola

Hartwig Mumperow

Heidrun Bergander

Helena Sá

Hilde Holstein

Horst Wiese

Ibon Doval

Idoia Machimbarrena

Iker Ayerdi

Iker Tome

Inés Peris

Inmaculada Ferández

Irache Velert

Irene Basilio

Irene Iglesias

Isabel Canós

Iván Lequerica

Janina Tritschler

Javier Abuja

Javier Candela

Javier Lupe

Javier Manchado

Jenny Marisol

Johanna Klaffke

Jordi Andreu

José Alejandro Alberola

Jose Carlos Alvarez

José Luis García

José Manuel Casado

Josefina Ibarra

Juan Ignacio España

Juanjo Cabrera

Kai Hermannsen

Karmele Orbegozo

Klaus Haase

Koro Aizarna

Llibertat Monsonís

Luis Granell

Luis Lubeigt

Maiana Bidegain

Manuel Casado

‘Manuel De Larramendi Ikastetxea’

Marcel Reig

María Agirre

María Ángeles Casado-Díaz

María Ángeles Díaz

María Carmen Tecles

María Jesús Paula

María Zulueta

Marina Mas

Marisol Martínez

Marta Martín

Marta Sanahuja

Melanie Stainforth

Mónica Zamora

Nahia Ardanaz

Naia Lubeigt

Nivia Lubeigt

Núria Gabernet

Nuria Tirado

Ody Hermens

Pablo Domingo

‘Panadería Jesús’

Patricia García

Patricia Pérez

Peter Bernholt

Pura Requena

Regina Ritzenhoff

Rosa Agost

Salvador Antón

Sayoa Ayerdi

Silvia Montoya

‘Somos Asesores’

Sonja Konnecke

Susanne Fischer

Sylvia Marsal

Virginia Lorente

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79 min.


Rafa Molés, Pepe Andreu

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