Domingo Domingo

Domingo Domingo is an extroverted and go-getter farmer. In English his name would be ‘Sunday Sunday’. He is a junkie of life and doesn’t know how to live without adrenaline. Now he has a new obsession: oranges. 

However, he knows that everything has changed. Oranges don’t belong to farmers anymore. The big corporations have started to patent the best varieties of oranges and are forcing the farmers to buy them. But Domingo is not one of those who kneels in front of anyone. In fact, he believes he can play the same game.

He has a ‘perfect’ plan: a secret tree where he is growing a new variety of oranges that could be the best one. 

If he wins the game he will achieve his goals: to beat the big corporations, to make a fortune selling the patent, and to enjoy every day of his life like it was a Sunday.


Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece – Premiere
PriMed, France – Award for Best Debut Film
DocsValència, Spain – Opening film.

Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest, Spain
DocsMx, Mexico
Palić European Film Festival, Serbia
Inconvenient Films, Lithuania
Festivalito La Palma, Spain
Another Way Film Festival, Spain
FIC-Cat, Spain
Espígol Fest, Spain




71 min.


Laura García Andreu

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