• Pics gallery: ‘Lobster Soup’ at RIFF Reykjavik International Film Festival

  • ‘Lobster soup’ on Lithuanian television LRT.

  • festival de san sebastian lobster soup

    ‘Lobster Soup’, premiere at the 68th San Sebastian Film Festival:

  • À Punt Media: ‘Lobster soup’ closing Zinemira at the San Sebastian Film Festival

  • Alberto R. Lucendo, author of the original soundtrack, explains his creative process

  • ‘Lobster Soup’ film crew

  • ‘Lobster Soup’ in the Lithuanian press, country that co-produced the film thanks to Arunas Matelis and Studio Nominum.

  • José Luis Rubio, sound designer and executive producer of ‘Lobster Soup’

  • ADHD, the Icelandic band that gives music and soul to the documentary

  • Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, co-writer and co-producer with AXfilms